Why Get a Home Energy Audit?

The first step to identifying energy efficiency opportunities is to carry out an in-depth energy assessment of the home.  The degree to which the home is performing is directly proportional to how well its energy features are working as an integrated system.  The state of an energy feature of one component of a building can greatly impact another, negatively affecting the overall performance of the home.  Many common symptoms such as high utility bills, uneven temperatures, drafts, poor indoor air quality, and signs of mold or mildew are directly associated with poor home performance.  Improvements to your home’s energy performance not only lower your utility bills but improve the comfort, health and safety of your home.

The energy efficiency of a home can vary as widely as it’s comfort.  reDefining Efficiency offers a variety of home performance testing that can pinpoint the causes associated with customer concerns as well as problems the homeowner is not aware of.  Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, an industry-certified professional can determine:

  • How leaky your house actually is
  • If your central heating and/or cooling system is distributing conditioned air effectively, efficiently, and safely
  • Whether your home is sufficiently insulated to maximize your heating and/or cooling efficiency
  • If your combustion appliances are operating safely and optimally

Once the home’s energy features are tested and the pertinent data is collected, reDefining Efficiency creates an energy model of the home that allows the customer to consider various cost-effective options that improve efficiency, comfort, and/or safety.  Various report options are available depending on the homeowner’s preference.

A state-certified HERS report can be generated that provides a HERS index reflecting the current energy efficiency of the home and prioritizing cost effective measures to be considered.  The HERS index is essentially a state-certified energy assessment that provides a comparative rating of a home relative to a 2008 home built to code.*  The goal is to provide the homeowner with a scale indicating how energy efficient (or inefficient) their home is when compared to other homes.  A HERS report also provides the home owner with an estimated cost-saving analysis of recommended measures based on the home’s energy usage.  With a clearer understanding of what’s going on, the homeowner can make informed decisions with regard to cost-effective energy efficiency measures that make sense.

An alternative report is the Residential Performance report that provides more detail with respect to recommended measures.  A customized report (i.e., photos and additional data) can be provided at the customer’s request.  reDefining Efficiency will go over the report(s), explaining what was found and which recommendations would give the most bang for their buck. If the customer decides to move forward, they can approach a home performance contractor for pricing to provide a full cost analysis that includes statewide rebate and incentive options.

reDefining Efficiency is strictly an independent third party provider and is therefore not affiliated with any home performance contractor.  Whether acting as a HERS rating provider or a BPI certified energy auditor, reDefining Efficiency is providing services for the home owner, not the contractor, and is committed to ensuring that no conflict of interest results during a home performance upgrade.