Chrit Longmaid (adjusted branding image) - webChrit Longmaid is the founding principal of reDefining Efficiency, a cost control consultancy specializing in reducing operating costs and maximizing operational efficiency for small business.   reDefining Efficiency was originally conceived to compliment reDefining Facilities, a consultancy specializing in sustainable facilities management.  The catalyst that brought about reDefining Efficiency was an exciting project with the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce.

In the summer of 2012, Chrit spearheaded the relocation of the Santa Rosa Chamber.  The project included coordinating the logistics of the move, overseeing the build out of the new space, selecting and configuring new furniture, designing the network infrastructure, implementing a new telecom platform and overseeing a desktop and server upgrade.  While coordinating the move under an extremely tight budget and even tighter time frame (inside eight weeks), he managed to address several cost-saving opportunities that reduced the annual operating budget by $15 K.  His experience working with the Chamber on such a successful project brought to light the real value his experience and expertise could bring to small business.   As a result, reDefining Efficiency‘s business model was created to assist businesses in identifying immediate and quantifiable cost-savings.

The myriad of skill sets and specialized services resulted from a broad range of occupations that started in the commercial and residential construction industry.  In 2000, a desire for a career change led Chrit to the Nelson Family of Companies’ IT department.  After being put in charge of telecom services, he created the facilities department for the Nelson Family of Companies and quickly recognized multiple opportunities to reduce costs.


In the eight and a half years at Nelson, Chrit’s experience extended far beyond the traditional facilities role.   Due to Nelson’s rapid growth and the subsequent lack of vendor oversight, Chrit took the initiative to reign in inflated costs and eliminate vendor services that were not providing sufficient value.  In some cases, creating “in house” alternatives proved much more cost effective.  In eight years, he saved Nelson over $1M in telecom expenses and further reduced annual operating budgets by negotiating service contracts, performing competitive bidding, implementing energy efficiency retrofits, and eliminating unnecessary overhead.  As a result, he has extensive experience in billing analysis, telecom contracts, maintenance agreements and energy efficiency proposals.

In addition to fulfilling his responsibilities as facilities manager which entailed supporting 350 employees and 18 branches, he was directly involved in multiple technology upgrades aimed at enhancing productivity and streamlining operations.  He was also instrumental in creating new policies and operational procedures designed to create more efficient business processes.  Throughout his career at Nelson, Chrit worked closely with the Accounting and IT departments to find innovative ways to cut unnecessary spending.  By asking the right questions, he was able to identify cost-saving opportunities that significantly impacted the company’s bottom line.

He also played a defining role as Nelson’s move coordinator, space planner and design strategist.  From start to finish, he was responsible for the architectural design, space planning, furniture selection, IT/telecom configuration, office equipment, signage and branding design for ten new branch offices.  He standardized the furniture as well as the finishes to unify Nelson’s brand identity and eliminate unnecessary furniture expenses in the future.  In addition to several large scale IT deployments, Chrit’s experience relocating branches under strict deadlines and tight budgets gave him extensive project management experience that has proved invaluable to customers in need of end-to-end solutions.

Since Nelson, he has focused on three areas of expertise, namely financial analysis, operational efficiency, and building performance measures.  While attending the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy in 2007/2008, he recognized how best practices aligned with good business management: by maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, and improving employee wellbeing, productivity and profits invariably increased.

Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce

reDefining Efficiency was instrumental in relocating the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce

After launching reDefining Facilities in 2009, he was appointed to the non-residential subcommittee for the Sonoma County Retrofit and Renewables Program, what is today known as Energy Upgrade California.   In 2010, he graduated from the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute and in 2011, completed his building performance  certification as a BPI Analyst from the Building Performance Institute’s certificate program at Skyline College.  He added BPI Envelope Specialist to his credentials in January of 2012 and successfully completed the Calcerts training requirements to become a  certified HERS II energy rater.  After performing numerous residential and commercial energy audits, his passion for reducing operational costs in the commercial sector was reignited during the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce project, and a new vision was born.

Since the fall of 2013, reDefining Efficiency has been providing consulting services to Nelson’s clients. Nelson, currently the largest privately owned staffing company in California, sees these cost control services as a significant value add for their clients.  The fact that they have experienced first-hand the financial benefits and are recommending these services to their clients is a testimonial in and of itself to the credibility of reDefining Efficiency.